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Introduction of the Trustees:  


Jane Ferguson

I am extremely proud to be the Chair of the Trustees for Unity CEMat, and of Great Barford Primary Academy.  I have been on the Board of Trustees since 2017 and have supported the school through many changes.

In my working life I have been a headteacher of an outstanding Church of England primary school for many years.  I have also worked as a School Improvement Advisor and as a National Leader of Education, providing support for other schools. 

Whilst I am now officially retired, I still work at supporting teachers with leading primary science, and work as a contractor for Ofsted.

In my spare time I very much enjoy travelling; I also enjoy learning to play the piano and attending various classes.

I have two grandchildren who attend Great Barford Primary Academy, in Years 5 and 3. 


Sarah Evans

I have been a member of the Great Barford Lower School governing body since I joined the school, as Headteacher in September 2014.

Together, the trustees, staff and I, work hard to make sure that all of our children have the opportunity to learn and develop in a safe and exciting environment. We are a strong governing body and I appreciate the support and challenge that the other governors offer.

When I’m not being a governor or a Headteacher I enjoy walking and sailing with my family as well as reading and cooking.


Lindsay Fraser

In 2015 I joined the Alban governing body and subsequently became very involved in the inauguration of the Unity Multi Academy Trust. I am now a director on the Trust and chair the Christian Ethos committee. I am also a director of the St Albans Multi Academy Trust. Until 2015 I served for many years as a primary headteacher in three schools, having started my career as a secondary religious education and maths teacher Luton and Sandy. Since 2005 I have been an inspector and education consultant for church schools in St Albans Diocese. In my spare time I look after my four granddaughters and enjoy playing bridge, swimming and walking.


Roger Stokes

My career before retirement was as a Church of England priest in a variety of roles, mostly in different parishes but also some hospital and prison chaplaincy. I have always been committed to the principle of children getting the best state-funded education possible, which is partly why I did not become a teacher as I knew I would not be good at it. I have developed experience as a Governor in seven schools over the years and also chair the Bedford Borough Schools Forum.